Pistons GT Down Raptors Uprising 75-63 Thanks To Huge Fourth Quarter

Kicking off the Saturday afternoon slate, Pistons GT (5-3) put a tough doubleheader from last week behind them and took home a 75-63 win against Raptors Uprising GC (3-6). This contest marked the highest scoring game for the defensively minded Detroit Gaming team, who had three separate players clock in 20 points or more against the Raptors Uprising.

Although Im So Far Ahead gave a phenomenal performance at point guard with 22 points, 12 assists and a perfect clip from beyond the arc, the Pistons’ GT frontcourt of Lets Get It Ramo and JosephTheTruth shined in their victory. The duo combined for 41 points on 20-of-28 shooting and 15 rebounds,

The Pistons’ GT interior offense was established as a counter to the Raptors’ Uprising all-out assault from downtown, but neither team were able to claim dominance in the first half. Both teams played within six points of each other through 12 minutes, with the Pistons GT leading 41-37 at the break.

Raptors Uprising GC looked solid at their sharpshooting game right up until the fourth quarter, where the well ran dry for Toronto GC. They desperately tried to force the outside shot in the final four minutes despite not being down by much and even with several open looks from around and inside the paint. Their decision to keep pounding the perimeter led the Pistons GT to force easy turnovers and put the game out of reach, effectively snapping the Raptors’ Uprising two-game win streak.