Pistons GT vs. Heat Check Gaming Recon Report

by Aaron Fox

Pistons GT split their opening week eight matchups with Jazz Gaming last night, bringing their record to 10-8 while remaining 6th in the Western Conference.

We saw a stronger start than usual in the first quarter for Detroit before Utah managed to take a six-point lead into the break. By halftime, Cooks had already registered 17 points, nearly matching his previous career-high (20) in just two quarters. Despite big production from our shooting guard, Pistons GT found themselves down double-digits entering the final frame.

Our backcourt set on fire during the fourth quarter, hitting clutch shot after clutch shot, eliminating the Jazz Gaming advantage as we entered the last minute. A leaning Radiant three-pointer gave Pistons GT a two-point lead with just 33 seconds remaining. After Splashy answered with a three of his own, it all came down to one possession.

Radiant received a screen from Ramo while Cooks wrapped behind the pair. Radiant drove, kicked, Cooks greened, and Pistons GT took the 78-76 lead with 1.7 seconds left. GetOnMyLevel’s three-point attempt failed to find the bottom of the net, and Detroit managed to walk away with a win, just barely. Radiant (27pts-11asts) and Cooks (29pts-1ast) put on a show, combining for 54 points.

Game two was similar to the first contest in a lot of ways. Pistons GT trailed at halftime, as Lotty started his first game of the season with Jazz Gaming. Entering the break, Lotty (14pts-2asts) and Splashy (15pts-5asts) had already poured in 29 points between the two, reminding everybody just how good of a duo they are.

Again, entering the final frame we faced a deficit (8 points), and again, Detroit would claw their way back. The difference this time? The team came just short of completing their comeback, dropping game two 79-74. Ramo finished with 23 points, 12 rebounds (6 offensive), and 2 steals, his 12th double-double of the regular season.

Player of the Game: PG Radiant (27.0ppg-11.0apg-1.5apg)

  • Game One: Pistons GT defeats Jazz Gaming, 78-76
  • Game Two: Jazz Gaming defeats Pistons GT, 79-74

Next up for Pistons GT will be Heat Check Gaming. Miami has now dropped seven consecutive regular season matchups following last night’s losses to Wizards District Gaming. The majority of the team’s struggles have come on the offensive end: In 4-out-of-7 games, Heat Check has scored 64 or fewer points. During their midseason winning streak, Miami scored 71+ points in all seven games. Something has to give on that end of the floor if another season turnaround is in store.


Key Matchup

Cooks vs. Killeyy 

An undrafted free agent just a few weeks ago, Cooks has shown a massive amount of potential since arriving in Detroit. Last night’s performance was a prime example. Cooks may have hit the most important shot of our season so far, sinking a game-sealing jumper to steal the game one win against Jazz Gaming.

Now averaging nearly 20 points (19.5) along with 1.5 assists per game, Cooks is doing it efficiently as well, shooting 54% from beyond the arc.  Seemingly getting more comfortable with each and every rep, expect more big things from Cooks tonight.

After adding Killeyy to their roster, Miami rattled off 7 consecutive regular season wins and made THE TURN’s final four, falling in the semis to the eventual champions, Hornets Venom GT. Averaging 15.9 points, 3.1 assists, and 1.1 steals per game, Killeyy checks all of the boxes as a productive NBA 2K League shooting guard: scoring, playmaking, defense. While the last stretch of regular season 2K hasn’t been forgiving to Heat Check Gaming, Killeyy will be an important piece to turning that around, and it could begin tonight against his former team.



Pistons GT (10-8)

  • PG Radiant: (26.2ppg-9.1apg-1.2spg-53%-48%)
  • SG Cooks: (19.5ppg-1.5apg-0.8spg-54%-54%)
  • SF Pexile: (6.4ppg-1.0spg-65%-56%
  • PF Milo: (7.2ppg-4.9rpg-54%-49%)
  • C Ramo: (15.9ppg-11.8rpg-2.6apg-1.2spg-1.2bpg-77%)
  • Last Five: Loss vs. Jazz Gaming (74-79), Win vs. Jazz Gaming (78-76), Loss vs. Wizards District Gaming (56-70), Loss vs. Wizards District Gaming (61-66), Win vs. Bucks Gaming (79-71)


Heat Check Gaming (8-14)

  • PG Sav: (24.5ppg-10.7apg-4.0topg-55%-46%)
  • SG Killeyy: (15.9ppg-3.1apg-1.1spg-51%-46%)
  • SF TBShiftay: (7.5ppg-1.4apg-1.7spg-66%-63%)
  • PF Gooner: (10.7ppg-1.5rpg-1.3apg-48%-45%)
  • C Hotshot: (19.7ppg-11.4rpg-1.6spg-1.2bpg-80%)
  • Last Five: Loss vs. Wizards District Gaming (59-74), Loss vs. Wizards District Gaming (50-66), Loss vs. NetsGC (75-93), Loss vs. NetsGC (64-92), Loss vs. CLTX Crossover (70-72)


As always, catch all of the action live on the NBA 2K League’s Twitch and YouTube channels. Pistons GT and Heat Check Gaming are expected to tip off at 7 and 8 PM. Follow @PistonsGT and @NBA2KLeague on Twitter for more updates.