Recon Report Tournament Edition

(9) Pistons GT vs. (8) Warriors Gaming Squad

by Aaron Fox

Pistons GT is set to take on Warriors Gaming Squad tonight, starting their path to claiming a share of THE TURN’s $260,000 prize pool. The tournament began last night with seeds 10-23 battling to advance to round two.

Warriors Gaming Squad was bounced in the quarterfinals by Kings Guard Gaming in last season’s THE TURN. Golden State’s roster looks a bit different this time around, with the team rebuilding around franchise players CB13 and Gradient. With a 8-6 record, Warriors Gaming Squad sits just ahead of Pistons GT in the Western Conference standings at fourth place.

Pistons GT trotted out their sixth different lineup (Radiant-Cooks-Pexile-Milo-Ramo) of the season versus Wizards District Gaming in week seven. That same lineup is expected to start tonight with Charger unavailable to play. New addition, Cooks, will start his third, fourth, and possibly fifth career games at shooting guard. Cooks averaged 19 points, 1.5 assists, and 1.5 steals in his debut series.

For Radiant, he was a core piece to the 76ers GC team that claimed season two’s THE TURN banner. The only player on Detroit’s roster with deep tournament runs on his professional resume, he looks to lead his new team through a gauntlet of a bracket.

If Pistons GT wins their matchup against Warriors Gaming Squad, the team will likely square off with Wizards District Gaming, assuming Washington defeats the winner of Gen.G versus CLTX Crossover. Essentially, the top-two teams from last season are standing in the way of our shot at a share of $260,000.


Key Matchup

Radiant vs. Gradient 

Any time two of the best at their respective positions square off with each other, it’s a must-watch matchup (also, their names rhyme).

Radiant has been everything Pistons GT envisioned when it dealt for the star point guard. Averaging 26.1 points and 8.8 assists per game, Radiant has a pair of game-winners in the last few weeks as well. If you’ve read before, you know Detroit’s success is often dictated by their point guard’s efficiency. Pistons GT is 8-1 in games when Radiant shoots 52% or better, and 0-5 when he shoots below 50%. A hot start and maintained efficiency will be important for this Detroit team.

Since being selected third overall in 2019, Gradient has been a top lockdown in the NBA 2K League. He will be tasked with limiting Radiant and the Pistons GT offense tonight. Although his primary role revolves around defense, Gradient is actually enjoying career numbers on the offensive end of the court this season. 12.1 points per game, 74% shooting overall, and 61% from beyond the arc are all career highs.


Tale of the Tape

Pistons GT (9-7)

  • (PG) Radiant: (26.1ppg-8.8apg-1.1spg-2.4topg-53%-48%)
  • (SG) Cooks: (19.0ppg-1.5apg-1.5spg-1.0topg-56%-56%)
  • (SF) Pexile: (6.6ppg-0.6apg-1.0spg-66%-56%)
  • (PF) Milo: (7.1ppg-5.1rpg-0.4spg-0.6bpg-53%-46%)
  • (C) Ramo: (15.9ppg-11.6rpg-2.8apg-1.2spg-1.2bpg-75%)

Last Five: L vs. Wizards District Gaming (56-70), L vs. Wizards District Gaming (61-66), W vs. Bucks Gaming (79-71), W vs. Bucks Gaming (76-75), L vs. Mavs Gaming (72-74)


Warriors Gaming Squad (8-6)

  • (PG) CB13: (21.7ppg-10.3apg-3.3topg-0.2spg-50%-43%)
  • (SG) Antoine: (12.9ppg-5.1apg-1.1topg-0.9spg-52%-44%)
  • (SF) Gradient: (12.1ppg-1.8apg-1.2spg-74%-61%)
  • (PF) KayAus: (8.6ppg-5.7rpg-1.8apg-1.1spg-1.0bpg-71%-71%)
  • (C) Hezi: (18.1ppg-9.3rpg-2.4apg-1.2spg-1.5bpg-80%)


Last Five: W vs. T-Wolves Gaming (81-67), L vs. T-Wolves Gaming (79-88), L vs. Blazer5 Gaming (59-83), W vs. Blazer5 Gaming (68-59), L vs. Lakers Gaming (71-75)

As always, catch all of the action on the NBA 2K League’s Twitch and YouTube channels. Pistons GT is scheduled to play Warriors Gaming Squad at 9 PM in a best-of-three series. The winner ensures adding to the season’s earnings, along with advancing to the quarterfinals. Follow @NBA2KLeague and @PistonsGT on Twitter for more updates.