Warriors Gaming Squad Spoil Pistons Playoff Seeding

Pistons GT entered Friday’s contest against Warriors GS with an opportunity to earn the No. 2 seed in the inaugural NBA 2K League playoffs. They’ll fall in the seeding thanks to a tough 74-71 loss to Golden State.

It’s not all doom-and-gloom for Pistons GT, as Heat Check Gaming will need to win each of their next two games in order to move up the standings. And of course, Pistons GT can feel safe knowing they have at least qualified for the playoffs. But it can’t feel great just in terms of momentum to lose to the Warriors, who entered Friday’s contest dead last in the NBA 2K League standings.

Perhaps more frightening was Detroit’s inability to pull away from Golden State, as Detroit rarely lead by more than two or three possessions. Up by just seven points in the fourth quarter, Pistons GT saw the lead completely evaporate thanks to the efforts of shooting guard Bsmoove. Acting essentially as a slashing small forward, Bsmoove maneuvered around the basket, opening up scoring opportunities near the paint or potential kickouts to his teammates. The end result saw the SG tally a 30-point, 10-assist double-double while the Warriors shot just under 50 percent from beyond the three-point mark (5-of-11).

Despite Bsmoove’s scoring exploits, Pistons GT had an opportunity to win the game in the closing seconds. Down by three points with possession of the ball, Detroit passed up what would have been an easy two point layup with 15 seconds left, instead attempting to create enough space to try a game-tying three-pointer. That space never came about as heavily contested three point try failed to fall in, ending what had been a fantastic regular season for Pistons GT on a sour note.