Week 8 Recap: Pistons GT vs Grizz Gaming

Grizz Gaming (5-6) beat Pistons GT (1-10) 96-62 on Friday to close out Week 8 of the NBA 2K League.

The Grizz and the Pistons came into the first quarter guns blazing, tying the score at 21 each. Momentum was up for grabs and the Grizz pounced, scoring 27 and holding the Pistons to 14 points. From that point on, the Grizz were unstoppable, presenting a balanced attack where every player scored double digit points. With their attention on Jayrod, who still scored an efficient four-of-six from the field for 11 points, the Pistons didn’t have answers for anything. KelMav scored 28 points while making eight three pointers, leading the Grizz as they scored 15 three pointers compared to the Pistons’ seven. DDouble and AuthenticAfrican dominated in the paint, with AuthenticAfrican going for 18 points on nine-of-11 and 16 rebounds shooting while DDouble scored 18 points on 70 percent shooting. Vandi did a little bit of everything, ending up with 21 points and nine assists. Nights like this are what help Grizz Gaming remind the league to bring their best defensively or get torn apart.

Pistons GT went blow-for-blow in the first quarter, showing heart as they held even with the Grizz. Then, the Pistons failed to adjust their game plan while the Grizz left them in the dust. The Pistons’ recent team reset showed its ugly side effects as the team cohesion went askew, playing out in the Pistons committing 17 turnovers. While the Pistons had good ball movement, getting 19 assists compared to the Grizz’s 22, the Pistons shot the ball 14 times less than the Grizz. This was because the Grizz ended with 17 steals as players interrupted passing lanes and blew up Pistons plays before they had a chance. DevGoss scored 25 points on 11-of-16 shooting, wracking up some garbage time stats in the fourth quarter, but this was a painful loss for an already-struggling squad.